Ford Recruiting and Training

Topics: Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, Employment Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: April 20, 2008
Ford pays attention on diversity in working place1. Ford gives opportunity to different employees, no matter what kinds of race, ethnicity, gender, age, and so on. Ford believes that diversity proves company values and diversity team can have better performance. Ford value and respect each individual. Ford’s recruiting is a two-step process. After passing the first step- selecting potential people from the information candidates provide, candidates are invited to the talent management conference, where candidates and Ford’s managers and employees can meet each other and have depth understanding of each other2. It is meet what Ford emphasizes- Employee Involvement3. The employees that Ford looks for are the people who can meet company mission- Consumer- focused company. The qualities that employees should have can be grouped in three clusters- Integrity, Flawless Execution and Relationship.4

There are three objectives of Ford’s Education, Development and Training Program. (EDPA) . It provides training, retraining and development opportunities for employees, supports local and national Ford Employee Involvement and provides opportunities for employees to exchange ideas and innovations. Here are some examples of Ford’s training programs- UAW-Ford University, Skill Enhancement Program, Education and Training Assistance Plan and so on5. In addition to professional knowledge, there is another program- Development and Assistance Program. It a nonowrk-related training program which let employees learn how to learn and get used to change, new ideas and new thinking6.

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