Ford Motor Company & Swot

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19 June 2011

Ford Motor Company:
Over a Decade of Practice Makes Perfect

The Ford Company has been a successful American owned auto industry since 1903.

With Fords global marketing establishment, their great investments in alternative fuel sources and

most importantly it's commitment to diversity, community service and environmental responsibility

served as a brilliant and strategic move on Ford Motor's behalf. In his book The Ford Century,

Russ Banham talked of the many years that Ford Motor Company has maintained it's stance as an

American automaker by providing outstanding products, as well as its services to improve peoples

way of life. In Detroit Michigan 1899, a company by the name of Detroit Automobile Company

employed a man by the name of Henry Ford.

Several years later as Detroit Automobile Company fizzled out, was then renamed the

Henry Ford Company in 1901. And over the years eventually becoming one of the largest, most

profitable companies in the world.

Chism 2

In order to achieve greatness he became familiar with three giant equations: oil, steel and

transportation. These were the major tools needed to resurrect the Ford Motor Company. There

after, a man with a dream organized a team of men, which would become his business partners. In

1903 John Gray would be President, along with Henry as Vice President. Several stockholders

such as: Alexander Malcomson, John W. Anderson, Vernon C. Fry and including Henry Ford along

with a host of others.

Therefore, a chronological outlook on Henry Fords' life of coming from small beginnings

to building an automotive empire as Ford Motor Company demands to be studied from the
beginning (Banham 272 ).

Recognizing that the automotive industry has grown tremendously, the Ford family

reinvented the company as a whole to meet the needs of a growing society. This automotive

manufacturer has continued producing high performance vehicles, venturing into financing and

following the alternative fuel source need. With decades of practice, the Ford Motor Company has

risen to being ranked as the largest manufacturer in the world. Allowing their products to be built

and sold in hundreds of markets worldwide.

This recognition stemmed from the making of the Model T' in 1908. As times changed and Chism 3

the need for inexpensive, but more efficient transportation became a necessary commodity the

Ford family introduced those upgrades over the years. These changes paved the way for the Aston

Martin, the Jaguar 1990, Mercury and Volvo. Assembling these products for the most part within

the United States and Europe, also continuing to operate from Fords original plant, the birth place

of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.

However, as mentioned in the DataMonitor Business Information Center. As the supply and

demand grew the company grew. The many vehicles that began coming off the assembly lines

required more hired help. Ford employed thousands, creating jobs for out of work families. This

action brought an astounding amount of revenue somewhere in the millions. $177,089 million to
be exact according to the posted records in December 2005's fiscal end (1-8).

With the saying, “ Supply and Demand”, it brought up a pass and present question.

“How has the Ford Company managed to stay ahead of the forever growing automotive curve?”

Was it because they took chances and dove into new adventures by retaining equity in futuristic

endeavors? They bought into other products, materials, power systems and fuels as well. In 2005

NuCellSystems caught the Ford Companies eye, enough to join up and share this with an affiliate

Chism 4

(Daimler Chrysler). A year later Ford became the first manufacturer to begin a new and improved

fuel type called Hydrogen. The idea of creating a v-10 engine,...
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