Ford Financial Report 2011

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Ford Motor Company / 2011 Annual Report

1 2 3 6 7 8 18 22 25 184 185 About the Company A Message from the Executive Chairman A Message from the President and CEO Board of Directors and Executives Profitable Growth for All Great Products Strong Business Better World Financial Contents Shareholder Information Global Overview

Revenues (a) Worldwide wholesale unit volumes by automotive segment (in thousands) Ford North America Ford South America Ford Europe Ford Asia Pacific Africa Volvo Total Revenues (in millions) Automotive Financial Services Total Financial Results (a) Income/(loss) before income taxes (in millions) Automotive Financial Services Total Amounts Attributable to Ford Motor Company (a) Net income/(loss) (in millions) Diluted net income/(loss) per share of Common and Class B Stock Cash and Spending (a) Automotive capital expenditures Amount (in billions) As a percentage of Automotive sales Automotive cash at year end (in billions) Automotive gross cash (b) – Cash net of Automotive debt



2,686 506 1,602 901 – 5,695

2,413 489 1,573 838 211 5,524

$ 128,168 8,096 $ 136,264

$ 119,280 9,674 $ 128,954

$ $

6,250 2,431 8,681

$ $

4,146 3,003 7,149

$ 20,213 $ 4.94

$ $

6,561 1.66


4.3 3.3%


4.1 3.4%


22.9 9.8


20.5 1.4

(a) Data presented includes Volvo through August 2, 2010. (b) Automotive gross cash includes cash and cash equivalents and net marketable securities. (c) Source: Standard & Poors

Shareholder Value Dividends declared per share Total shareholder returns % (c)


0.05 (36)%



ONE FORD: ONE Ford expands on the company’s four-point business plan for achieving success globally. It encourages focus, teamwork and a single global approach, aligning employee efforts toward a common definition of success and optimizing their collective strengths worldwide. The elements of ONE Ford are: ONE TEAM: ONE Ford emphasizes the importance of working together as one team to achieve automotive leadership, which is measured by the satisfaction of our customers, employees and essential business partners, such as our dealers, investors, suppliers, unions/councils and communities.

ONE PLAN: • Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix. • Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value. • Finance our plan and improve our balance sheet. • Work together effectively as one team. ONE GOAL: The goal of ONE Ford is to create an exciting and viable company with profitable growth for all.

Ford Motor Company | 2011 Annual Report



The all-new Ford Fusion will be the first sedan to offer gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, each with expected segment-leading fuel economy, underscoring Ford’s commitment to give customers the power of choice. With seven must-have technologies, including a Lane Keeping System, adaptive cruise control, active park assist and MyFord Touch®, the Fusion shows how Ford is delivering features customers truly want and value. Fusion brings the broadest selection of fuel-efficient powertrains in the midsize car segment. It offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid alternatives, a pair of EcoBoost® four-cylinder engines, and a non-turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It also offers an automatic start-stop system to shut off the engine at stationary idle. Drivers can select front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive applications, and between automatic and manually shifted six-speed transmissions.

1) Ford Motor Company employees across the globe have been living the One Ford plan for the past several years. The journey continues with the inception of Go Further, a global brand promise that gives One Ford a voice and takes the One Ford plan to the next level, by communicating to consumers the special attributes that distinguish Ford from other automakers. It means...
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