Ford External Environment

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Ford External Environment

By | Feb. 2011
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Sociocultural Segment
Women in the workforce
The role of women in the workforce has greatly changed in the past few decades. According to Sue Cischke, Ford group vice president of sustainability, the role of Women in the Auto Industry has expanded tremendously and provided opportunities for women that were non existent thirty years ago. According to Cischke a women’s perspective has significant value in this business. Women are credited to purchasing 52% and influencing more than 85% of all car purchases in the United States. Women also have considerable say in the purchase of their spouse’s and families’ car. That being said women are a large factor in the purchasing decision of vehicles, although women are often over looked in the Automotive Industry. The automotive industry is a male dominated industry. Most automobile dealers are family owned business that have been owned by men and are passed down to men. However times have changed and so has the role of women in the industry. In previous years the role of women in the Auto Industry was behind a desk as a secretary. However the increased buying power of women requires automobile manufactures to meet the needs and desires of women. In order to accurately and effectively target the female consumer auto manufactures have realized it is necessary to add women to fields of design, engineering, technology, marketing, sales and mechanics.

The duties required by automotive workers have evolved in recent decades and has created work place opportunities for women. In past decade’s auto repair and manufacturing required heavy lifting, backbreaking work, and getting down in the dirt. Today’s auto industry is much more evolved and requires more of an analytical approach rather than brute strength. Today there is really no repair function, design, or sales function a women cannot perform. Though the opportunities exist there are still few women in executive and leadership positions within the industry, though there...

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