Ford Explorer vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Compare/Contrast Essay

Topics: Four-wheel drive, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Airbag Pages: 3 (904 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Ashlyn Capp
Professor Ng
English 1101
October 25, 2011
With a dream in mind, and a reality in their budget, new families are looking for a car that is safe, practical, luxurious, and affordable. When the list of cars is narrowed down to two, it is imperative that each factor is considered carefully so the correct vehicle is chosen. The 2011 Ford Explorer and the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee look very similar on the outside, however, looking deeper there are certain specifications to each car that really make a difference for a new family. Above all, safety is essential when it comes to a new car especially when there are children involved. Ford has just introduced the world’s first production of rear inflatable seatbelts. These specialized seat belts provide extra head and neck support that reduces the risk of injury. Consumer tests report that it is much more comfortable that regular conventional seatbelts (Ford). While the Jeep Grand Cherokee does not have the rear inflatable seatbelts, they do provide seat-mounted pelvic airbags and side curtain airbags that help protect the passenger during side-impact or rollover accidents. They also provide a safety cage with door guard beams to protect passengers during side-impact events (Jeep). Not only are airbags important, the Ford Explorer provides a collision warning feature with break support that scans ahead and detects slower moving traffic. It then flashes a warning on the windshield and emits an audible alert if it detects a collision and pre-charges the breaks for a faster response (Ford). Knowing that parents value their children most, safety needs to be heavily measured. As well as safety, practicality is another consideration that should be taken when a family is drawn in. Many factors come in to play when talking about practicality such as seating, storage, miles per gallon, etc. The Ford Explorer has three rows that can seat up to seven passengers (Ford). The Jeep Cherokee, however, can...
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