Force Field Analysis

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Reference the Force Field Analysis website, noting the importance of the tool to change initiatives. How would you use the tool in a change initiative you have at work?
I work for the company that owns the local public electric utility. With that in mind, the two companies are interchangeable and have adopted the same practices although the scope of the parent company has some significant differences. The department in which I work is called Energy Efficiency Operations. There are some employees that have been "grandfathered" into the department and others (like myself) are new to the parent company.

The Force Field Analysis tool utilizes the knowledge of what the issue is that is hindering the organization from achieving its goal as an incentive to overcome that issue to reach the set goal. In my organization, those employees that have been grandfathered into their roles in the new parent company have become complacent in their positions. This tends to decrease their productivity and create workflow bottlenecks for the organization.

Referencing the Force Field Analysis tool, I would initiate a brainstorming session to outline the challenges and goals for the organization. In practice, I would suggest a re-assignment of the roles and responsibilities of the team members. The grandfathered employees would then be cross-trained in the other areas that are currently held by the newer employees. This would prevent the workflow bottlenecks, increase productivity for all and provide all with a better understanding of how important each person's role is in the organization. Also, it would instill a level of mutual respect for each worker to keep each person more on task and ultimately to the the organization achieving its goal.
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