Force Field Analysis

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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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Force Field Analysis
This problem solving and decision making tool is offered to you from Bolero Associates. Here’s what you get: Ø An explanation of the tool and how to use it Ø An example Ø A blank template for you to use or distribute What it is A Force Field Analysis (Lewin 1951) is widely used tool in change management and process improvement circles. This tool is used, typically in a brainstorming session, to focus on the DRIVING FORCES in the CURRENT SITUATION and the RESTRAINING FORCES that might get in the way of attaining the DESIRED SITUATION. The DRIVING FORCES are all of the factors, pressures and issues that exist in support of the change. DRIVING FORCES are identified by asking: What is driving us to ____? The goal then would be to clarify and strengthen the DRIVING FORCES. RESTRAINING FORCES are all of the factors, pressures and issues that can restrict or prevent a change from a successful completion. RESTRAINING FORCES are the “speed bump” that can slow us down or in fact grind us to a halt. Some are “show stoppers”; others can be minimized. How to use the Force Field Analysis 1) On the top left section of a flipchart paper, write down the “Current” 2) 3)

4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

situation of an issue being analyzed. On the top right of the sheet write down the “Desired” Situation. Draw a large “T” on the paper below the current situation and the desired situation dividing the paper into two sections. Title the left side of the “T” Driving Forces and the right side of the “T” Restraining Forces. Brainstorm the forces that support the desired situation and list them under driving forces. Brainstorm the forces that could prevent or block the desired situation and list them under restraining forces. After completion of the brainstorming discuss whether any of the forces could be changed to increase the chances of attaining the desired situation Identify if there are any restraining forces that are so great that the desired situation would be...
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