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The proposed La Consolacion College Canteen Prepayment System is a system that allows the school administration, parents and students to have a more innovative and convenient way of doing business transaction in the canteen. To cope up with the current technological advancement, the proposed system features a computerized process which will be then explained presently in this document. Statement of the Problem

General Problem
Isn't eating or purchasing in the canteen not easy? There are so many students strutting up in front, eager to get the foods and services of their selection. It is because there is a flaw in the system. Students paying, getting their change and selecting what they want causes delay, captivating more time, thus, causing more students to get hungry. Eating or buying food in time has become an annoyance. Another thing is, sometimes, the change were imprecise.

Specific Problem
Nowadays, parents are more cognisant and curious about what their children spend their allowances to. They are definitely uneasy about it because of the increasing temptations as their kids grow older and being more exposed to vices, computer gaming for a case in point, which is not good and can influence their studies. Significance of the Study

This study will be an important venture in promoting good production environment between the school and the student guardians. Furthermore, this research will supply recommendations on how to appraise the performance of the institution in accordance to technological resources management. Objective of the Study

The point is that the La Consolacion College Canteen Prepayment System can meet the modern standards of the present. The general objective is to promote discipline and efficiency on student's parents. At the end of the research, the following concerns about The system will be addressed: 1. The extent by which a change in payment term and policy to students and/or the faculty. 2. A more...
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