Forbidden Planet

Topics: Unconscious mind, Mind, Consciousness Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Zach Carroll
Comps. & Society
Prof. Fisk
November 7th

“Forbidden Planet”

There are many themes in “Forbidden Planet” such as greed, jealousy, and . But the most important theme is using technology as a means of extending intellectual consciousness. The “Id Monster” represents mans deepest fears and it was made possible by technology. Basically, the underlying message is that technology will progress faster than the human mind will, and the fall of mankind will be because of technology. The Krell were an intellectually superior race compared to mankind. Although they were seemingly omniscient, they did not know their impress ive knowledge would be the downfall to their race. The “plastic educator,” which measured and increased knowledge and understanding, allowed their brains to project three-dimensional objects of thought and created any object their genius subconscious mind could think of. The Krell made projections of “Monsters from the Id” that ultimately slaughtered every last one. They did know anticipate their demise because it was not understood by them that the plastic educator not only increased the conscious mind, but the unconscious mind too! The two different minds grew in tandem, which allowed for the “Monsters” to be more powerful and dangerous. The Freudian concept of the three separate minds: Id, Ego, and Superego, which were neglected by the Krell, eradicated their existence.

The relevance of this film teaches a myriad amount about our society today. It shows that creation leads to destruction. The Krell created a form of technology that could not be harnessed, even by their supreme intellect. It compares to today’s society, having energies such as nuclear bombs and wastes that cannot be tamed once unleashed. It also shows that no living organism in the universe can play the role of God. No matter how smart, humans will always have flaws that will separate themselves from divinity.

A message the film poses for...
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