Forbidden City

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Many things are forbidden, but nothing is quite as forbidden as The Forbidden City. The Forbidden City located in the capital of China, Beijing. The Imperial Palace represents the main ideas of the Chinese history, and the way of life. These ideas are Culture, Religion, and the Imperial Family. First, are the ideas of the Chinese Culture.

The Forbidden City is a great representation of the Chinese culture. The palace is said to have harmonious balance along with a symmetrical layout. All of the five elemental colors were brought in the design of the palace. White marble terraces, black paved of the courtyards, red columns, with yellow roofs, on a blue as the moat. The purple colored building with its yellow roof stands tall in the middle of the other insignificant buildings small buildings. Many in China believe in the ways of Taoism. They believe in harmony with nature, it is said that this releases the trees, and lakes. Past leaders of China have understood through their history that the city is placed at the center of the entire area, was to reflect the heavens. Emperors also would believe that the city would connect them with “divine forces,” or the gods. Secondly, is the influence on the Forbidden City, by the previous Imperial families that ruled there before.

The Forbidden City was constructed with ancient rules of spatial design, first used during the Han dynasty in building the city of Chang An. The Forbidden City served as the home of the Ming Dynasty. The following Qing Dynasty also resided in the Forbidden City. By the end of the 18th century, some 9000 people were estimated to live there. After being the home of 24 emperors, fourteen of the Ming dynasty and the ten of the Qing, the Forbidden City stopped being the political center of China in 1912 with the abduction of Pu Yi, the last Emperor of China. Having been the imperial palace for some five centuries, it held numerous rare treasures.

From the start, the City was...
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