For One More Day by Mitch Album

Topics: Family, Love, Novel Pages: 6 (2002 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Shahad Al-Khawaji
Mrs. Nejwa Al-Ghoraibi
Research Methods –Lane 331
8, April, 2012

The Effects Of Grief in For One More Day

This paper studied the character Charles (Chick) Benetto in For One More Day by Mitch Albom and the effects of losing a loved one on people as Mr. Benetto lost his mother. The author showed through this character the importance of the relationship with our families and the mother’s love. This research holds more than one theme in the novel such as grief, love, perfection, regrets and forgiveness. In life, everyone have to face this kind of situation, but it has a different influence on each person.

As humans we all need the love of mother's. It could never be compared to any kind of other loves in the whole world. A mother sacrifeces more than anyone could ever do for us in life. They are always there for us no matter what. For One More Day is a novel that has a wakeup call which is making us aware of the value of the family and what it really means. Mother,father, brothers and sisters each one of them has his own role that affected your life in some way. From the researcher point of view, we would never be who we are today if we did not have the support of our family. They are who made us who we are today.

Death is something that we all fear but never consider, and therefor humans manners are based on that. People sometimes never recognize how precious some small things are that others do for them until one day they wake up and feel the emptiness that those little things filled their lives. When people underestimate and mess evaluate what others do for them it leads to regret, which might affect them negatively and cause depression, and those who affects them positively try to appreciate everything in their lives.

Albom made the researcher think deeper of the relationships with others. He made the researcher inspired and consider a question in life, What if we lose this person today?, if everyone did this, people would never treat each other and look at things by the same way they do today. For those who take good people for granted they should know that losing them is never too far and nothing last forever and as Albom said in his novel “going back to something is harder than you ever think” (133). Think of what are we going to lose when they are gone, because losing someone means losing so many things with them. We must show our love and affection and give them what they deserve before it's too late and regret fells our hearts.

have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you though they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days and none will weigh the one you wish you had back (Albom 3).


Feeling secure is the most important thing in the person's life and one of the main demands that would make him satisfy and succeed in his life. Nothing would ever make us happy, satisfied and secure more than the love of our families. No one wants us to be happy with nothing in return more than our family specially the parents. When we lose a parent we all know that it's a huge lose. When you have your parents you have a backup, you have support no matter how bad you treat them they are always there for you and you go back to them whenever you needed any kind of help.

Losing one of the parents always put people through big troubles and changes, it affects even the healthful and fully grown people (Umberson 7), The reader will notice how Mr. Benetto suffered when he lost his mother and how it affected his family too. The loss of a mother or a father changes the person totally to someone else (Umberson 8). I think no matter how we grow old, we will always need our parents’ love and care.

Albom showed how precious is the family and specially the mother's love. The character Mr. Benetto lost his...
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