For One More Day

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Introducing for one more day

Before you begin for one more day, have students brainstorm about the meaning behind the title, and what value they place on one day, 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes in their own lives. Students should read the end papers, front and back inside flaps, which will give them a synopsis of for one more day.

Ask your students if they have ever read another book by Mitch Albom, and if they did were there common themes and tones that ran through them?

Ask your students if they ever wished they could have more time with someone that they cared about that is no longer living?

Students should think about if they have ever wished for something and then were sorry when it actually came true; their expectations may not have been congruent with reality?

This story takes place in the 1950’s. It is important to pay close attention to the values of that time period and how it affects the point of view of Chick/Charley who is telling his life story.

What connotations (emotional connections) do divorce, alcoholism, nostalgia, redemption, and appreciation bring to mind? What do you think about when you hear or read the phrases “the power of love,” and “life and death”?

Figurative language is embedded in this narrative fiction book. To increase comprehension and appreciation of this story, it would be advantageous to understand types of figurative expressions as idioms, metaphors, smiles, and aphorisms. As you read for one more day try to identify those words or phrases in the story.

Visual imagery is key to absorbing the essence of this story. Throughout the book encourage students to picture what they are reading (like an ongoing movie) involving the emotions, behaviors, and conversations of the characters.

There are vignettes throughout for one more day titled Times My Mother Stood Up for Me and Times I Did Not Stand Up for My Mother. While reading each one think about the relationship and communication between Chick/Charley, his mother Pauline/Posey and how the narrative structure directs you to respond in a sad, angry, sympathetic, suspicious, happy, positive, or negative way.

*Note- for one more day is the book that was chosen college-wide by Metropolitan Community College to be the book of choice for the 2007-2008 school year. Metro Community College has a college-wide book club, Metro Reads. Every student, staff, and faculty member is encouraged to read this heartwarming and insightful story and become part of the Metro family learning community. Instructors might be using for one more day in their classes, and there will be activities related to this book throughout the year.

Main Characters

Leonard “Len” (Chick’s/Charley’s father)
Pauline “Posey” (Chick’s/Charley’s mother)
Charley “Chick” Benetto (son of Len and Posey) (Catherine’s husband) (brother of Roberta) Roberta (daughter of Len and Posey) (Chick’s/Charley’s sister) Catherine Benetto (Chick’s/Charley’s wife) (mother of Maria) Maria (daughter of Chick/Charley’s and Catherine)

Gianna (“the Italian woman”)
Miss Thelma (hair and make-up appointment with Posey)
Rose Templeton (hair and make-up appointment with Posey)


What does a ghost story mean to you? Think about the denotative and connotative representation of those two words. Why did the foreword state, “But every family is a ghost story.”?

What does Mitch Albom mean as he informs the reader that Maria Benetto is narrating this story in Charles’ Benetto’s (Chick Benetto’s) voice?


Chick’s Story

Page 3 What do you think Chick meant when he said, “People figure I crossed the line.”?

Page 3 What emotions do you feel when Chick explains, “Looking back, I began to unravel the day my mother died, around ten years ago.”?

Page 4 Why does Chick say, “one day can bend your life, and that day seemed to bend mine inexorably downward.”? Does this statement give the impression...
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