For If She Had Teeth Would She Eat Steel

Topics: Jomo Kenyatta, Ghana, Nairobi Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: May 14, 2013

Awake I say!
Log on to the theatrical oasis of the desert
To the buffet black rhinos of Namibia
To the brewing bitters of the Kalahari
To the clan of meerkat,
Basking in glory on their dancing hind legs
As shadows cling to the contours of the landscape.

Awake I say!!
Orbit around the globe of muse
In smiley rivers bow.
To the Dawa River, Suguta, Gucha, Njoro
flowing in dancing maneuvers
on a Jomo Kenyatta heroic parlor.

Awake I say!!
Kangaroo your neck
To look further beyond the Afadjato of Ghana,
Mawenzi of Tanzania, Muhavura of Rwanda,
Vumba, Chimanimani of Zimbabwe,
and heave deep sighs as the Boer warrior
to a true Uhuru Uhuru.
Sob your warmly coat as the Equus Zebra,
Showing its unbarred belly,
In mid morning glory wake
but brays through the wandering Cape,
at sunset, ears tensed, to escape the lions Jaw.

Awake I say!!
For we survived the claws of the hungry roar.

Arise I say.
And summon your ears to the banjo
Language of the Kora, as it strings
its solo runs from the Bole Calabash.
Awake I say.
As we sleep the ethnic gong-gong in our armpits
And fetch stories of time to the spirits of the dead,

We awake the souls of the living
By drumming the Gan gan Dun dun of Yoruba,
Tama of Wolof, Dondo of Ashanti’s,
Kalungu of the Hausa Nigeria
And rhythmic their emotions to the Lunga
Of the Lunsi clan of Dagomba.

Awake I say.
In a high overtone and bass buzz,
Africa stands of morals
And believe in the tomorrow today

Africa, shall Arise!
And act not as the chicken who eats corn,
Drinks water and swallows little pebbles
But still complains of having no teeth.

Copyright© 19-10-2012
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah
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