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Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 8 (3110 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Introduction of Tourism
As we know, tourism is a complex phenomenon, one that is extremely difficult to describe succinctly. The new millennium has witnessed the continued growth of interest in how people spend their spare time, especially their leisure time and non-work time. Some commentators have gone as far as to suggest that it is leisure time-how we use it and its meaning to individuals and families-that defines our lives, as a focus for non work activity. This reflects a growing interest in what people consume in these non-work periods, particularly those times that are dedicated to travel and holidays which are more concentrated periods of leisure time. This interest is becoming an international phenomenon known as ‘tourism’ the use of this leisure time to visit different places, destinations and localities which often (but not exclusively) feature in the holiday and trip people take in. Therefore, the growing international significance of tourism can be explained in many ways. In an introductory text such as this, it is important to stress at the outset the following types of factors and processes in order to illustrate the reasons why tourism assumes an important role not in our lives but also globally: Tourism is a discretionary activity (people are not required to undertake it as a basic need to survive, unlike consuming food and water). Tourism is of growing economic significance at a global scale, with growth rates in excess of the rate of economic growth for many countries. Many governments see tourism as offering new employment opportunities in a growing sector that is focused on service industries and may assist in developing and modernizing the economy. Tourism is increasingly becoming associated with quality of life issues as it offers people the opportunity to take break away from the complexities and stresses of everyday life and work-it provides the context for rest, relaxation and an opportunity to do something different in a new environment. Tourism is becoming seen as a basic right in the developed, westernized industrialized countries and it is enshrined in legislation regarding holiday entitlement-the result is many people associate holiday entitlement with the propensity (i.e. the potential to engage in) to generate tourism. In some less developed countries, tourism is being advocated as a possible solution to poverty (this is described as ‘pro-poor’ tourism strategies), with local people benefiting from this form of economic activity. Holidays are a defining feature of non-work for many workers. Among all tourism industry, trekking is the one to generate the income. Trekking In Nepal Nepal is blessed with all necessary components to be called the most marvelous and impressive country for trekkers. No other country can compete with trekking in Nepal. Only by walking through the ancient foot trails one could get access to interiors of Nepal and explore the remote valleys like dolpos- a region behind Himalayas.The highest mountain ranges – eight out of ten highest peaks in the world , most varied terrain and the most spectacular views in Nepal .Besides these physical blessings,Nepal is endowed with diverse cultural heritages. Walking is the only way to see fascinating Nepal in wholeness, to be contact with wild and dramatic landscapes and the fascinating people who live here. Trekking in Nepal started when a retired British Gurkha officer Lt. Col Jimmy Roberts experienced an expedition in late 50 ‘s. He was a member of the Machhapuchure expedition team. When he was on the expedition he saw Sherpas workings as guides and porters carrying all the lodging materials and food. He was so impressed with Nepali hospitality that a new idea dawned...
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