For Colored Girls

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  • Published : June 30, 2011
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In the Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf there are different ladies with different colors. Every lady and every color is very significant to this book. This text by Shange is full of symbols; each lady can be described differently. I believe each lady can be identified with a more specific description or feeling throughout the different poems that can be related to their color for example: passion for red, sadness for blue, fun for orange and so on.

I will start with Shange’s Lady in Red because it is the first color of the rainbow. Her second line in this book is “it was good!” (Shange, 11) in the poem “Graduation Nite” (Shange, 7). Right away there is a sense of passion from Lady in Red. In the poem “No Assistance” (Shange, 13) she explains how much she has loved this man, sending packages, writing poems. In spite the fact that she loved him at the end of the poem she just leaves him the plant so he can water it himself. The words that Shange used for the ending of this poem emit a very strong emotion-passion. Lady in Red is someone who does not hold back for anything or anyone; she will say whatever is on her mind.

The color orange can be related to party, carnival overall: FUN and I think Lady in Orange is full of fun. For example in Shange’s poem “I’m a Poet who” lady in orange says she wants to sing and make everyone dance. Also during this poem Willie Colon’s “Che Che Cole” plays and everyone starts to dance (Shange, 15). Lady in Orange is the life of the party, has fun and wants everyone to enjoy the fun with her. She is the type of woman who even though might have problems, had a rough past she will let it go and enjoy the moment.

Lady in Yellow is youthful and full of joy. In the poem “Graduation Nite” (Shange, 7) she tells everyone she was the only virgin in the crowd on graduation night, but by the end of the night she would “[give] it up in a Buick” (Shange, 10). On her graduation night she...
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