For and Against -Introverts

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Extraversion and introversion Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: June 22, 2011
Advantages and disadvantages of being an introvert – for and against essay

Psychological observations and studies of human perception and behavior types have led to recognizing two basic features of personality – introversion and extraversion. It is commonly believed that being an introvert is not beneficial for a person as far as socializing and mental health are considered. However, is this point of view actually true? Firstly, introverts are regarded as thorough and extremely focused, finishing every detail of their work with unbelievable perfectionism. They prove to be exceedingly careful and never perform anything hastily, without considering all the pros and cons. Furthermore, this often leads to outstanding creativity and inventiveness, as introverts spend massive amounts of time in solitude, developing productively their interests and hobbies. Not only are their concepts unconventional, but also lead to enhancing the reality around them. On the other hand, people usually perceive them as loners, hiding emotions and spending little time outdoors. According to Eysenck’s theory, it may be due to the fact that introvert’s nervous system is weaker than extravert’s and constantly remains in the state of arousal. This means avoiding additional stimuli by e.g. reducing their social contacts to minimum. Moreover, it is typical of them to take everything what others say to heart, especially negative opinions and punishment. Therefore they might (not must) be more prone to a one-time nervous breakdown, as well as to more permanent mental conditions, like distimia, depression or neurosis. Summarizing, introversion is not in any way inferior to other features of human personality. It definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is up to an individual in which direction it will evolve and person with any kind of temperament can be content with life.
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