For and Againist Animal Experiment

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Experiments with animals

In this project we chose to write about experiments on animals because we are owner of pets at home and this topic is pest us!: this animals have life too , this animals are like humans they are a part of our family-they have feelings/thoughts/rights like a humans and the experiments are cruel and it make them to suffer!!! There exaggeration trials assessing the necessity of understanding the extent of suffering and a lot of experimental animals When we developed a medicine and we are’t need the animals for experiments because there are others alternatives like: use human or use animals dead body (creepy but its work most of the time) because: many of these experiments cause pain to the animals involved or reduce their quality of life in other ways. any benefits to human beings that animal testing does provide could be produced in other ways Using animals for medical experimentation, product testing, and education is a controversial subject that often leads to heated debate. While the issues are complex, the suffering involved in animal experimentation is painfully obvious We chose this topic because we want to expand our knowledge and know more Everyone loves animals but no one knows what the animals are used for. We also want to know if the world is so developed are still used in animal experiments I think the result of doing the work we learn many new things and expand our knowledge

The questions
*why do scientists perform experiments on animals ?
For and against animal experiments different approaches.
*how do countries around the world relate to animal testing in research

The source of information that we used are internet web sites


First question
why do scientists perform experiments on animals ?
Because it is not legal or ethical to perform toxicology research on humans, scientists use animals such as fish, mice, and other organisms whose bodies respond similarly to those of humans. These are called animal models. Scientists then make predictions about how a chemical will affect humans based on results of the animal tests. Scientists are very respectful of test animals. They make sure that the animals are treated well and do not suffer at any point in an experiment. For some tests, it is possible to study chemical effects on cells or tissue samples. However, to better understand how a chemical affects a whole organism, testing chemicals on animals is sometimes necessary. Scientists have many instruments available to measure chemical concentration in the environment. However, using an animal experiment can be more useful for several reasons And the reasons are

More sensitive: You may be able to observe a change in an organism’s genetic expression caused by exposure to a very low concentration of chemical. This concentration is sometimes much lower than what can be detected with even the most sensitive analytical instrument. More relevant to health: Simply knowing the concentration of a chemical does not tell you if it is harmful at that concentration. Observing a response in a test animal confirms that the chemical does or does not have a health effect at that concentration. More information: Animal models can be useful when you do not know what kind of chemical you are looking for. As you learned in this experiment, specific changes in gene expression patterns can give clues about what type of chemical is present. in this question we used For and against animal experiments different approaches.

|against animal experiments different approaches |for animal experiments different approaches | |Experimenting on animals is always unacceptable because...
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