Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Energy conservation Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Every year the seasons seem to be a little off, never at average for that time of the year. Always a bit above or below annual temperatures. Most people say global warming is the problem but most people don’t realize that their everyday actions greatly contribute to the international problem. Every person on our planet plays a role in impacting our home’s environment, for better or for worse. It’s called a carbon footprint. In the recent years, the topic of turning your footprint green has arisen. Our carbon footprint is calculated based on the amount of green house gases produced by our actions, it is measured in units of CO2. A person’s affect on the problem depends on what type of footprint they have. Primary footprints, the direct amounts of carbon dioxide emissions which are given off due to burning of fossil fuels including domestic energy consumption and transportation, have a larger opportunity on the topic. Secondary footprints, the indirect CO2 emissions from the entire lifecycle of products we use (their manufacture and eventual breakdown), have a smaller opportunity to help the problem. As an 8th grade student I have a secondary footprint. Why? Well I don’t have the power to choose which car my family drives, whether it’s a hybrid or a fuel hog, but I can choose whether I walk places or ask my mom to drive me there. I might be tired of walk but I’ll be helping my environment and would get some exercise. I can’t tell my school to use solar energy but I can ask the teacher to turn the lights off in class. It might be a little harder to work in class but I would be conserving electricity and on sunny days the lighting wouldn’t be a problem. If I had had a primary footprint I would have drove a hybrid car or installed solar panels in my school. There are many pros and cons of picking the green choice, but in most cases the reward is greater than the refinement. If you’re still wondering why it’s so important to turn our footprints green, I’ll tell... My...
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