Footnotes to Youth Reaction Paper

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Footnote to Youth

By: Jose Garcia Villa

Reaction Paper
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Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa is a short story and as well as, the title of a short story collection published in 1933. Villa was a Filipino poet, critic, painter and short story writer born in 1908. Villa, along with other writers, belonged to a group called "artsakists", who believed that art should only be made for art's sake. Footnote to Youth is a collection of twenty-two of Villa's first short stories. The story by which the book is named is about a young man named Dodong and his struggles with marriage, family life and responsibility. In the beginning of the story Dodong contemplates how to tell his father that he wants to marry his young love Teang. As the story proceeds, both Dodong and Teang struggle with the decisions they've made and always end up wondering how things would have turned out differently had they made different decisions. Another focus of the story is the series of the naive youth, the regret and the knowledge of adulthood. The story in a way represents the cycle of life, how things come full circle and how they repeat themselves. 

It was a story of a boy who was only 17 when he decides to marry his love one.  He was Dodong, and he love Teang so much that he could not wait for the right age to settle down in a relationship that is hard to escape. It's the "marriage". At the age of 17 Dodong and Teang got married without thinking of the risk being in an uneasy part of life. They just follow what they feel. They don't think what would happen in their future. They got a child. Teang realized how hard being a young parent. Her regret of she had done and think, what would be my life if I marry my other suitors instead of Dodong? Can I have the same life as of now? She regrets so much of!! 

Until one day, when their son named Blas grow. He follows the footsteps of his parents. He wants to...
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