Footnote to the Youth

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  • Published: July 27, 2013
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I. Write on the blank in Column A the letter corresponding to the word in Column B that is synonymous to the word in Column A.

Column A Column B

II. Checking One’s Understanding
Answer the following questions.

1. What made Dodong feel that he was no longer a boy but a man? Dodong made him feel that he was no longer a boy but a man when he started to have pimples on his face and his upper lip already was dark(indicates mustache). 2. Does manhood consists only of physical appearance? Defend your answer.

No,manhood does not only consist of only physical apperance as it is also the stage where a man must started to be matured mentally and emotionally. Starting to be responsible, to dream bigger than life, starting to see different things in life and change his perspective or point of view in life.To be dependent as to stand to his own feet as well. 3. Why was Dodong’s father sorry about his son’s decision to marry Teang?

Dodong's father was sorry about his son's decision to marry Teang because he felt in the age of seventeen,Dodong is still very young to get married early. He did'nt want Dodong to commit the mistakes he had before that he also married at a young age. And he did'nt want Dodong to experience the life of being a married life person/parent at an ealy age which his father has alreay experiencecand find it very hard and difficult. 4. Why was Dodong confused when his young wife was giving birth? Would you have felt the same?

Dodong was confused when his young wife was giving birth because Teang was screaming loudly, and he di'dnt want her to scream like that. He started to wonder madly if the process of child birth was really painful.Unlike some women, when they gave birth, did not cry. And if I would felt the...
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