Footballers Are Not Overpaid

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  • Published : June 15, 2012
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Footballers are not overpaid

Footballers…overpaid? Nonsense. People may try to argue otherwise, but in the end there is no question about it. These skilled, hard-working, hard-training players who use their talent and skill to entertain millions of people every year deserve to be paid amply. Daily life- what does it revolve around? Money, money and yet more money. But where does this come from? Our economy, fed by the taxes of people like you and me, as well as the football players. How much tax do you expect to pay in a year? £15,000, £20,000, maybe less. Normally, the football clubs would keep this money, using it to make transfers or improve facilities. However, if this money is used for player’s wages, 40% of the money is taken by the government in tax and our economy benefits greatly. Everyone knows Frank Lampard right? The amount he earns a week is £107,000, but almost half of that is lost to the government. Every year, a player who earns as much as Frank will provide over £2,500,000 to our economy- helping infrastructure, healthcare and other vital service. Furthermore, the premier league’s highest paid player- Yaya Toure – contributes over £5,500,000! Imagine what would happen without this funding! Perhaps your free healthcare would demise and you become ill- can you afford to pay for treatment? Many wouldn’t be able to. So I maintain. These players are saving lives. Many say that all of the revenue from football goes into the TV companies and major sponsors such as Adidas, starving the NHS of funding, but really isn’t that a government problem? Maybe they should be the ones pumping money into the NHS, rather than wasting it on other ‘touch-and-go’ projects. Of course many will argue that we are not the ones in need- the true dilemmas are in less economically developed nations such as Namibia and Ethiopia. Be honest! Who here could do more, help more people, waste less and lighten the weight of your conscience? Nearly everybody. Those who complain need...
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