Football vs. Rugby

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  • Published : November 29, 2010
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Caleb Harris
Nathan Tucker
10:00-10:50 A.M.
Football Vs. Rugby
“Look at him run the ball, he just trucked through the defender, one left to beat, and he’s tackled… no, wait, he threw a lateral to his teammate and SCORE!!!!!” In America, most people would say that was a great run by Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson or some other football running back. If this was broadcasted in New Zealand, it would most likely be a rugby play. Rugby is not typically watched in America, the rules are unclear to most and Americans believe rugby looks like football without pads. The truth is that these sports have many differences which include the uniform, the equipment they use, terms, and the point system.

The uniforms of a rugby player are similar to those of a soccer player. Rugby players wear a high quality jersey that cannot be easily torn. Under the jersey, players wear an under shirt with built in pads that protect the shoulders and ribs. Most players also wear soccer shorts and long socks. The long socks help when being tackled or in a pile up because during play many opponents pull at the opposing team members’ leg hair. While there are rugby cleats or boots as they are properly called, most American players buy soccer or football cleats for play. It doesn’t make a difference as long as there is no front toe cleat. Mouth pieces are required because a rugby athlete does not wear any facial protection and this is definitely a contact sport. A helmet is available but I have not come across a player with one nor have I seen many players wear them on television. Rugby balls are small, stout and oval shaped with a rubber like texture. In comparison to a football player, a rugby player looks like they are on the field with just cleats.

Football players are easily recognized because of their uniforms and equipment. The jersey for a football player has to be worn big so it will fit over the pads. The jersey is a polyester mesh that may be thick or...
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