Football Hooliganism Is Considered to Be Unruly and Violent Behaviour

Topics: NK Dinamo Zagreb, UEFA Champions League, Liverpool F.C. Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: February 3, 2012
Football hooliganism is considered to be unruly and violent behaviour, but not limited to football chants, shouts and riots. Football hooliganism is often taking place when teams share a history of rivalry in teams, usually stemmed from sharing the same town/city. Fans utilise rivalry in the sport to express political issues in the early era of football but it is now considered to be part of casual subculture.

| Millwall vs. Luton — 1985 |
| The most memorable (for the wrong reasons) FA Cup quarter final of all time. Fans clash before, during and after the game, tearing up seats and fighting with police. .
. |

Rangers vs. Zenit St. Petersburg — 2008 | |
The 2008 UEFA Cup final, held at Manchester City’s Eastlands Stadium, was memorable for Zenit St Petersburg’s impressive win. But also for the behaviour of a number of Rangers fans outside the stadium. Trouble brewed as drunk fans rioted in the centre of Manchester, clashing with police and trashing cars and shops. | |

| Sparta Prague vs. Dinamo Zagreb — 2008 |
| A UEFA Cup tie between Czech side Sparta, and Croatian outfit Dinamo, descended into mayhem. 150 Croat supporters were detained as they rioted with police and home fans in the centre of Prague. . |

Dinamo Zagreb vs. Red Star Belgrade — 1990 | |
“The match that started a war” according to some experts. Red Star’s “Delije” & Dinamo’s “Bad Blue Boys” clashed at Zagreb’s Maksimir stadium in 1990. This riot is famous for Dinamo’s 21 year old captain Zvonimir Boban, who reacted to seeing one of his side’s fans being beaten by a police officer by launching a roundhouse kick to free the fan. Madness. | |

| Danubio vs. Nacional — 2008 |
| The riot that stopped a season. Nuff said.
. |

Liverpool vs. Juventus — 1985 | |
The most high profile on our list, due to it’s significance, and the tragedy involved. 39 Juventus supporters were killed when a wall collapsed at Brussels’ Heysel Stadium ahead...
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