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Topics: Character, Narrative, Fiction Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Not Just A Sport

In the novel “Football Factory” written by John King, we follow a group of Chelsea hooligans in the present England. I think of this novel as an extremely realistic and kind of frightening novel. Together, we follow the main character’s life as a football hooligan. The life of the main character is filled with violence, alcohol and sex, in which his lovely friends accompany him. Through the novel we are bound to listen to his friends’ nasty thoughts and actions. At some point in the novel the main character and the boys watches the film Clockwork Orange, as they have done so many times before. The Clockwork Orange is basically just a couple of guys giving beatings and rapes women for the fun of it. This makes me think of Football Factory of an updated version of Clockwork orange, just not to the same extent. In the novel we don’t have the “normal” narrative-style. We don’t see a real plot in the novel as such. It’s more like a story going on and on about his life without a greater meaning. One thing in particular I liked about this novel was the fight scenes. At these points in the novel, I would enjoy reading it. I would suddenly become interested and I would read at a fast pace due to the great and realistic writing. When there were no fighting I would keep losing track and get distracted. Our main character starts questioning himself and his own actions while he is being formed into a somewhat reasonable man. He starts believing he isn’t on the right path. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this novel to any of my friends, as I don’t think they would be interested, since the narrative style is far from usual. Otherwise, an interesting novel.
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