Football : America's Favorite Sport

Topics: American football, National Football League, Super Bowl Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: February 20, 2008
America's Favorite Sport

"INTERCEPTION!" shouts the announcer. The game is 20-14. Your team who is losing, just intercepted the ball at your 10 yard line. There is one minute left in the fourth quarter and each team has only one time out. You are the quarter back and now have to take the ball down-field to win the game. What's your call?

Imagine being in that scenario. One minute to make a touchdown so you can go into overtime. You are on the other end of the field and if you make a touchdown to early then you have to make sure that your defense can stop their offense from scoring and ending the game. That is exciting!

This game is not only great to play but it is also a great game to watch. In fact, this is America's favorite sport. According to James Buckley Jr. more than 100 million people watch football on Sunday. More than 10 million people watch college football. The Super Bowl is even more watched. Sometimes 130 Million Americans watch it and 500 million from around the world. (41) Football attracts people with the different elements of the game. Football is a physical, intellectual, and unique game. Football had many great coaches and players to grace the field and because of them there were great games.

Football is a very popular sport. There is something about football that makes people love it. People might think some teams are sure to win against another team but you never know: sometimes the underdogs win. John Madden says that people ask him two questions. Where is his bus and who is going to win the super bowl. He answers by saying that he always knows where his bus is parked but he never know who is going to win the super bowl. Things change, players get better or worse, people get hurt, so you just have to battle it out on the field. That is why football is such a great game. Whoever wants it more usually wins.

Football is a game like no other. As Joe Paterno says "Football is a great game. It demands a young man's...
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