Topics: Serie A, Color, A.C. Milan Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: May 22, 2013
I like football even though I am female. So this website is about my favorite football team. It is AC Milan. AC Milan is one of the famous football team which was made in 1899 where is in Italy. In addition, for the CCS, my website is concerned to the AC Milan such as the color, players and history. As the colors, I combine red and black which I used black for all of my background and red for my font color as the identical and favorite color of AC Milan. For the picture side, I put some pictures about the players of AC Milan in 2011-2012. It can be link to Wikipedia, so people can also read the information about the players. For the font size, it was diverse like the heading is bigger than the paragraph font. Also, my website is consisting of four major topics such as video, players, home, and achievement. They provide all of information about AC Milan such as the video of AC Milan when they became the winner champions League, all of the picture of the AC Milan player, and the information about how many titles AC Milan got. As to me, if my technological is limitless, there are some tips to make the website better than before. First, I will combine a good color to my website such as the background and the font color. I think it’s one of the important things that make the reader feel comfortable when they are reading my website. For an example, the combination of the color between red and black as the font color and background color. Secondly, it’s better to put some picture to the website. It will attract more reader to read because it looks colorful and interesting. Lastly, I will give the information to my website as much as I can. It is good for the reader to understand what is the meaning of my website is. I think the most important thing is trying to choose the topics that which one does you like. After that, you should make the information which is related to your website. For example, as to me, I like watching sport especially football since I was in...
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