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Football is a popular American team sport. Players can start young by participating in youth leagues and then work their way up through high school teams, college teams, semi-pro teams and finally, professional teams in the National Football League. Players can play tag football or tackle football. Tackle football involves much more physical contact. Though football is a source of exercise, it can be dangerous if not played correctly. Physical Conditioning

Football players undergo demanding workouts and tough training programs to stay on their game. Through the rigorous off-field workouts, on-field practices and games, players stay in top physical condition. Playing the sport helps you develop speed, strength, coordination, agility and stamina. Football players are less prone to heart disease and bone and muscle diseases, according to the website Steady Health. The website adds that football players are also less prone to aggressive behavior off the field because of intense adrenaline rushes that release stress on the field.

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Social Skills
Football is a team sport. Each player, whether offensive or defensive, relies on every other teammate throughout every aspect of the game. Football players spend a lot of time developing strategies, practicing plays, traveling to games and playing together. They develop social skills and form close bonds and lifelong friendships. Communication is also an essential element of the game. Football players learn the value of clear communication on the field, a lesson that applies to their off-field lives. Risk of Short-Term Injury

Though football players stay physically fit and develop strong social skills, the sport also presents risks. ScienceDaily reports that football is the No. 1 source of sports-related injuries. Researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital in...
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