Fools Rush in

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Fools Rush In

The director Is Andy Tennant he was born into a family of creative talent. Ever since he has been directing movies they have been about love and conflict as in Fools Rush In. Each movie starts off as a some what normal situation between two people who will almost always end up together but have to go through a lot to solve all of their problems they face in being together.

The writer is Katherine Reback And Joan Taylor both known for writing witty romantic movies likes Fools Rush In which was written in 1997. The title of this movie correlates with the whole movie because it is after all about how to people who didn’t even know each other end up getting pregnant hence calling them a fool. And what did they do? They rushed into a marriage and into a family neither of them expected

The opening credits introduce who the main character of the movie will be. one being the busy Mathew Perry playing Alex Whitman who is always on the move and working. The other Salma Hayek Playing Isabel Fuentes who is calm and doesn’t live a very busy life. The film starts the way it does because it shows the viewers how the lives differ between Alex and Isabel and where they both come from and what type of life the ultimately lived before the rest of the plot takes place.

Culture is brought up between the two characters right in the beginning of the movie. Isabel though everything happens for a reason and family is a huge part of her life. Where Alex only meets up with his family only at holidays. She’s Catholic, he's Presbyterian she's open and fun-loving, he's pretty stiff he needs to return to New York for work, but she wants to remain in Vegas; she believes in signs and fate, while he's awfully practical.

The lead to the climax happens when Isabel shows up at Alex's door and drops the bomb that she is pregnant with his baby. From this point on is where the issue of her being pregnant leads to the solution of her and him getting married at a cheap-o...
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