Foods for Health and Healing

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Foods for Health and Healing - Yogi Bhajan Ph.D

- Special Foods for Men -

The following foods are especially useful for men in increasing their potency, correcting sexual dysfunctions, and preserving their sexual vigor.

Banyan Tree Milk – The sap of the banyan tree can correct many imbalances in the male sexual system. It strengthens the urethra and the urethra walls and works to create thick, plentiful semen. Some men have a problem discharging semen when they urinate. Banyan tree milk is useful in correcting this condition as well as premature ejaculation. Take six drops a day in honey, mixed with a little yogurt for six to eight days. For best results, abstain from sex beginning six to eight days before the treatment and continuing eight to ten days after. This regimen is best practiced in the spring or fall, early spring being the best.

Figs – For sexual or nervous disorder, a mono diet of fresh figs is important – and be sure to eat the white strings. 10 to 15 with yogurt is a good ratio. (there are errors in this paragraph p. 50, we’ve written what we think are the original intentions.)

Garlic – a “trinity root,” stimulates the production of semen. It gives sexual energy which can be channeled into creativity. Any man who is married should somehow manage to eat two cloves per day. Raw garlic is best, but lightly cooked is also effective. Many people find the smell of garlic odd or unpleasant, but this amazing root which makes you smell on the outside eliminates many of the bad smells inside the body. If you (or people you work with) find the garlic smell truly offensive, it is widely available as garlic oil in capsules.

Ghee, or clarified butter, is the oil of choice in a man’s diet. According to Indian tradition, the man who uses more ghee than any other oil will never have problems with his sexual world. It will not make you overweight or underweight, but it will create semen. Use it as you would butter or cooking oil.

Nutmeg has the...
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