Food Technology

Topics: Woolworths Limited, Food, Supermarket Pages: 3 (792 words) Published: November 16, 2011
Food technology- Australian food industry (AFI)

* Chosen organisation- Woolworths.

* Level of operation/ mechanisation:
Woolworths is a fully Australian owned company. It is a publicly listed company and the largest supermarket retailer in Australia. Woolworths Limited Brands include: Safeway Supermarkets, Tandy Electronics, Dick Smith Electronics, Big W, BWS liquor and Woolworths liquor. Woolworths is a multinational company, with chains of supermarkets in New Zealand and South Africa.

* Research and development:
Woolworths is the first company in the world to use the Autostocker on fresh produce. This allows them greater control of their fresh produce and gives them an edge on the competition because they are able to reduce over-ordering and having to sell food at discount prices in order to recoup losses. Some Woolworths are in market research of the demographics of their local areas, and they pass this information on to their retailers in order to improve the services they offer, thereby increasing sales and profits. Becoming part of the Westfield chain helps put Woolworth’s on the map and thus increases consumer interest and business profit.

* Quality assurance:
Woolworths labels all of their fresh produce in accordance with government regulations that stipulate that all imported foods should be clearly labelled with country of origin. Woolworths has capitalised on this legislation by advertising that 97% of their fresh produce is Australian grown, and that if they can buy a product in Australia, they will. If not, they will source the best quality imported product possible. Woolworths also has large plastic Australian flags above each fresh produce item that is Australian grown, advertising this fact so that consumers can be aware that importing of fresh produce only occurs when the food is unavailable in Australia .e.g. Pre-packaging, fesh daily foods, clean workplace ect. * Consumer influences:

The demographics of the area...
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