Food Tech. Political Environment

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Australian manufacturers, producers and distributors of food are all subject to regulations made by federal, state and local government.  Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is the most prominent regulatory body at federal level. FSANZ oversees and coordinates food regulates throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Via the NSW food Authority, regulations are more direct at the state government level. 

Responsibilities of levels of government 

Federal government 
Control of amount and type of protection for Australian industry  Control of the company and income tax systems 
Control of wage scales 
State government 
Control of payroll tax 
Maintained of roads and transport facilities 
Establishment and enforcement of environmental protection measures  Occupational health safely and safely law in the work place
Consumer protection 
Trading hours 
Attracting new industries to the state 
Education and training 
Enforcement of the Trade Practises Act 1974 
Licensing of fresh food outlets and restaurants 
Local government 
Zoning laws, including residential light, commercial, heavy commercial, light industrial, heavy industrial  Panning permits 
Heath inspections to enforce the Australian Food Standards Code  Other political influences include non-government groups for example: The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) that represents a broad cross action of Australian agriculture. 

Similar pressure from overseas  countries can also affect domestic food manufacturers. For example: tariff, trade restrictions, factors relating to food inspections. 

External influences 

It changes when a new government is elected. Companies should have up-to-date information about economic, industrial, environmental and technological policies of political groups. This allows them to develop contingency plans to minimise changes in political climate that could occur with a newly elected government. 
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