Food Service Injuries and Illnesses

Topics: Foodborne illness, Escherichia coli, Bacteria Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Marci Ann Primeau

24 Aug 2010

Marci Primeau

24 Aug 2010


An employee and even a customer are at great risks for any injuries and illnesses that occur in any type of food service establishment. As a food service worker lets help keep a food establishment safe for the employees and the customers so that nothing bad happens.

Food service operations are able to produce large quantities of food in a short amount of time. However, if safety procedures are not followed, that food can make customers sick. Even one case of food poisoning is enough to destroy a restaurant’s reputation

Incidence of occupational injury is anticipated to be high among cooks and food service workers (CFSWs) because of the nature of their work and the types of raw and finished materials that they handle. (Alamgir H) Incidents of occupational injury, resulting in lost time or medical care over a period of 1 year in two health regions were extracted from a standardized operational database and with person years obtained from payroll data, detailed analysis was conducted using Poisson regression modeling. (Alamgir H)

A foodborne illness is an infection or intoxication caused by a bacterial, viral, parasitic, or chemical agent transmitted by a food. This definition primarily includes outbreaks (two or more cases from a common source), but data on single cases of enteric pathogens (Salmonella spp., Campylobactor spp., and E. coli O157:H7), which are primarily foodborne, are also included. Over 250 different foodborne disease pathogens have been identified. References

Alamgir H, Swinkels H. (n.d.). Occupational injury among cooks and food service workers in the health care sector. Retrieved August 23, 2010, from Pub Web site: http:/​/​​pubmed/​17557281
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