Food Service Carvery

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Provide a Carvery/Buffet Service

Question 1
Why is the overall appearance of the buffet so important?
Customers enjoy the ‘showmanship’ of the buffet, especially the presentation of it including the centrepieces and the way the food has been arranged on the table.

Question 2
Where should the different types of plates be situated?
Plates must be the first things that customers pick up, and there must always be enough for all the customers. Sometimes the plates are on a separate table at the beginning of the buffet/carvery. The hot plates must be near the hot food, the soup plates near the soup, dessert plates near the dessert.

Question 3
What equipment should be at the customer’s table?
• Cutlery will be set according to the type of buffet and your organisational requirements. Generally you will have a knife on the right, a fork on the left, a side knife on the side plate on the left, a napkin and a wineglass at the tip of the knife. • Salt and pepper cruets will be in the centre of the table. • Ashtrays are placed on the table if it is a smoking area. • You may also have flowers, candles or another types of table decorations that must be clean, neat and positioned according to organisational requirements. • Any promotional material and table numbers must be correctly placed, clean, not torn or stained.

Question 4
What is the “danger zone” for bacteria?
You must be aware that bacteria grow rapidly between 5(C and 63(C. It is important to keep food in this danger zone for the least amount of time.

Question 5
Why should the buffet be kept replenished at all times?
The maintenance of the carvery or buffet during service is just as important as maintaining the customers’ table in a à la Carte restaurant. Dishes must be replenished before they are completely used up. There must be one person who can liase with the kitchen and advise the chef so that no food will run out during the course of service. The customers, who arrive later, must be...
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