Food Service

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Development of the Food Service Industry
* After World War II, college and universities provided food service to the students and built separate dining halls for men and women. * Companies set fast food services that competed with food establishments in colleges and universities. * 1865, Victor Hugo introduced school feeding at a very minimal cost. * School food service started in Boston School Committee in the United States. It was granted management food service in 1894. * Food services in schools are now successfully functioning and have become an integral part of the school program. * An English nurse, Florence Nightingale, introduced dietetics in many hospitals. * She provided nutritious food for the patients and wounded soldiers. * Alexis Soyer, well known, assisted her by supervising the barracks hospital kitchen. * The food service operation was as successful and efficient then as it is today. * The most successful and fast-improving businesses in the industry at present is the fast food concept or procedure. * It began when a mid-western hamburger chain marked down its prices.

Trends in the Food Service Industry
* Heat and ready to eat, heat and eat packaged foods are on the rise * Casual indulgence everyday foods should be little more gourmet * Country charisma ethnic traditional and regional cuisine * Simple solutions milk and cereals

* Snacks and mini meals
* Exceptionally pure
* Functional foods
* Desire for healthful fresh food
* Service formats that are easy to set up and clear away become more popular * Growing demand for breakfast food to accompany breakfast meetings * Global flavors will continue their march on menu

Factors in Food Service Industry
* (a) Adaptation to Locality
* (b) Service
* (c) Facilities
* (d) Food Quality
* (e) Place to Be
* (g) Sales
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