Food Seasoning Report

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Food Seasoning Market in Nigeria
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Background Food seasoning is very key to cooking among many Nigerians. Before the introduction of food seasonings in cubes and powder, there had been other local seasonings the most popular of which is the locus beans known as Ogiri, Dawadawa, and Iru among the Igbos, Hausas, and Yorubas of Nigeria respectively. After thirty-five years of first introducing branded food seasoning in Nigeria, the potentials of the market has maintained a continuous growth such that it has attracted brands of seasonings produced in and outside of Nigeria. Today, there are several brands of food seasonings readily available in the open market, in-street shops, and supermarkets. Essentially, because of the early introduction of the Maggi brand into the Nigerian market thirtyfive years ago, the name Maggi has become a generic name for seasoning products in the market. It is therefore not strange to hear most Nigerians asking for “Maggi” when the actual understanding is to buy a brand of food seasoning and not necessarily the Maggi brand. At this point however, further clarification is often needed to identify the particular brand that is wanted. Current Market Event Today, the numerous varieties of food seasonings have affected the expectations of food taste and this has resulted into a huge market creating room for new entrants. At present, some of the brands in the market include: Maggi, Knorr, Royco, Doyin, Jumbo, Suppy which are in cubes; Onga, Benny—the powered seasoning or the Monosodium Glutamates (MSGs): A-one, Vedan, Aji-no-moto, Sasa, and Tasty king majority of which are off the market. Consequently, the presence of numerous brands have instigated a big market competition such that brands largely depend on creation of variants of brand products (i.e., chicken, fish, beef, goat meat flavor etc.,) in cubes and powder forms, as well as dynamic brand communication (such as promotions, cooking TV shows and cooking competitions) to gain more market share. In this big brand war, findings showed that brands like Maggi cube produced by Nestle, Knorr and Royco cubes by Unilever, and Doyin cube by Doyin Group, have stood the test of time. Knorr cube, however, was a product formerly under the Cadbury brand name but now on the stable of Unilever since December 2005. The Structure, Gains, and Challenges Interesting, the seasoning market is divided into 3 major segments: the cube segment, the MSGs, and the powdered food seasoning. The cube and MSGs have been around for a very long time but the powdered food seasoning was just recently introduced to the Nigerian market. Of the three segments, the MSGs are the least market drivers and the biggest players in this segment are Sasa, Vedan, and Aji-no-moto. Further, in the days when MSGs were prominent in the market, Aji-no-moto was the king of this segment.

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Powdered Food Seasoning

Cube Food Seasoning

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The powdered food seasoning, notwithstanding its new arrival in the market, has made a significant impression on the seasoning market. In this segment, Onga (produced by Promasidor) has been the leader since its introduction to the market. It is worthy of note however, that Onga was not the first powdered brand in the market but the first successful powder brand as against the poor market performance of Royco Chop Mix by Unilever. Ever since the launch of this segment of the seasoning market, it has proven lucrative such that other producers have also introduced powered variants of their cubes or entirely new brand names of food seasoning to grab a share of the market. Other brands in this segment include Benny, Glory Kitchen...
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