Food Safty

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Food safety Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Food Safety Bulletin
Luru Berry
SCI 220
Jul 16, 2012
Ragan Johnson

Improving health through education happens normally after many years of youth have faded, but realizing the benefits of regular updates of new policies on health can help to extend the life of many individuals. Developing a respect of the risks associated with food-borne illnesses and identifying new habits that could extend a persons lifestyle begins with identifying and describing the person’s current knowledge and nutritional needs. Promoting this new healthy lifestyle includes special training and adding key components of proper food preparation in order to design a prevention program that is realistic and beneficial to the individual and his or her loved ones. Public Service Bulletin

Several communities in the southern Colorado area have numerous reports of food-borne illnesses in both restaurants and home locations. The Colorado Health Department has issued a statement in an effort to increase the knowledge base of every citizen in the community. This statement is published in the local newspaper, Television stations, and in all establishments that sells any food products. The following information will be published in today’s local newspaper by Berry’s consultant firm; Three of the most important factors of food safety is understanding the stages of food contamination recognition, beginning with food purchases, food storage and food preparation. In an effort to keep consumers safe, every item in any establishment should check the dates of every food product sold or used to make items for consumption. The effect of eating food past the advised expiration date can easily lead stomach issues or even worse, food poisoning. Proper storage of food items purchased is required to keep food item safe, place all items that requires refrigeration way, while paying close attention to the required temperature as well. Bacteria will start to form on items not refrigerated in time; this...
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