Food Safety Management

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Part 1 Food Safety Management
a) With reference to a food item in your chosen work place, describe four distinct food safety hazards, including details of how each hazard could occur (4 X 3 marks) Food Item: - Chicken Korma (Key ingredients-cream, almonds& gravy served with rice) Microbiological Hazards: - Cooking, cooling & storing in inadequate temperature and transporting without care of cross contamination Pathogenic bacteria produce and multiply. Campylobacter–Generally under cooking chicken can harbour the pathogens.Staphylococcus aureus-Commonly found in human body, bad personal hygiene and preparation food too far in advance of service, Salmonella –Uncooked raw chicken milk, milk and dairy products. Clostridium perfringens- Sourced with cooked chicken and gravy and spices have been cooled too slowly, not following 90 minutes cooling hot food principle, can form spores they are heat and chemical resistant Chemical Hazards: -

Inappropriate practices & careless use of cleaning chemicals hazards can occur at any stage of cooking process, Leaking grease and oil from machinery, canopies are hazards. Keeping chemicals close to food preparation area are hazards Physical Hazards:-

Lack of good personal hygiene such as hair and nail dropping, poor maintenance and housekeeping introduce objects such as piece of wood, glass, cardboard, rotten chopping boards, rubber, jewellery into food, they are serious hazards Allergen Hazards; -Dairy products, almonds, nuts (they can produce Mycotoxins) are the most sensitivities food for allergen hazards. Lack of enough notices on menu, separation in storages and labelling on packed food for take away can occur the hazards for some people who are allergen and suffer from those products can be very serious could lead to Anaphylactic Shock b) For each of four hazards you have identified describe effective and practical means of control (4 X 2 marks) Microbiological Hazards control: -

Campylobacter- Strictly controlling time and temperature while cooking it should be at 75° for 15 seconds. Correct pasteurization temperatures and the prevention of cross- contamination. Staphylococcus aureus- maintain high standards of personal hygiene in work place, following effective hand washing procedures, avoiding other food handlers. Try to use machinery to minimise hand touching on food contact surfaces Salmonella- avoidance of cross- contantamination such as on cooking, cooling and transporting the chicken korma, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the utensils and chopping boards before or after cooking. Effective pest management in the store and strict control of time and temperature. Thoroughly cook the chicken Clostridium perfringens: Strict time & temperature control in cooking over 75°and cooling in 90 minutes. Re- heating the chicken korma at 82° before serving or packaging. Separation of cooked and raw chicken throughout the processing. Chemical Hazards control method

Use of approved chemicals suppliers, avoid careless use of chemicals, store cleaning chemicals away from food store and preparation area, make sure chemicals are food safe, rinse away all traces of chemicals from chicken preparation surfaces, chopping boards. Wash hand after using. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when diluting chemicals Physical Hazards control method; - Adequate personal hygiene, pest control, Inspect deliveries, good maintenances, wash and inspect chicken before use, train staff on awareness and hazards spotting & good housekeeping. Carryout spot check to staff Allergen Hazards hazard control: - Train staffs for allergy awareness, early inform to events clients. Labelling and notification of nuts & dairy products in the recipe description. Segregation of allergens during delivery, storage, production & preparation. Make sure wash hands after cooking chicken korma

C) For two of the hazards you have identified describe:
Practical methods of monitoring to...
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