Food Safety in China

Topics: Food, Food industry, Agriculture Pages: 9 (3230 words) Published: May 31, 2012
The Influence on Environmental Pollution for Agricultural products’ Grow and Package in China

Since the world summit held in 1996, the People ’s Republic of China has been on an upward trend moving towards securing the food banks for its growing population. It has managed to improve its economic and agricultural output in the recent years due to improvised and innovative means that have caught the eye of most analysts as being important in this day and age. This research paper looks at the issue of food security especially in affluent countries. Food safety is defined as the prerequisite needed by a nation to preserve food for longer periods of time without having to throw it away due to mishandling, storage as well as infected food. The government must look for ways within which food presented to the public will be stored, handled and prepared in manner that is unlikely to present health risks to the public as a whole. This paper is seeking to look for ways within which such standards can be upheld. There will also be a look at the government responses and the policies that have been put in place to counter diseases and such resultant cases of food-borne diseases. This will be all analyzed through methodologies that have been certified as effective by leading agricultural professionals who estimate the growth of any republic to be pegged on its ability to fend for its citizens at any given time as well as provide safe foods for consumption to its citizens.

Key words: food safety, genetically modified foods; climate change; food poisoning; food storage; poverty alleviation

At times, one may sit down and wonder whether affluent countries really appreciate the concept of food safety in their countries. It is human for one to forget problems when in the midst of plenty. This tendency is worse when no one tends to remember the afflictions millions of impoverished people in many parts of the world and what they undergo during these periods. A case is when the Great Famine in Ethiopia claimed over a million people due to starvation. The world did not provide any assistance when it really mattered and that led to such an inflated number of deaths during that period. A food system may be well defined under three dimensions: 1) the availability of food for the entire population; 2) provide easy access to food by the population; and 3) consumption of the food and how safe it is to the population (Cunming 2006, 9). This will definitely go hand in hand with food safety as this provides a policy through which food will be stored safely to avoid any resulting cases of food poisoning or harboring of disease-causing bacteria in the food. The question that remains to be answered however is whether the food will be safely prepared and stored well to fit to international standards where food poisoning will be a thing of the past. With the advent of genetically modified foods, there is a need for each country to look at the safety of its own citizens before it looks at encouraging foods that will in the future destroy the whole generation. Countries like China have to however concentrate on remaining stable and increase food availability to its continuing growth in population numbers. Any slight change in China’s agricultural industry would have a direct and immediate impact on the world and its population would be worst affected by this change (Cunming 2006, 10). However, there is a need to check on the viability of the food and whether its presence in the country will be a disastrous affair or whether the country will suffer from biodiversity pollution due to adoption of genetic farming in their country (Macbeth 2010, 2). The objectives of this research will be based on three main questions. First, what are the effects of urbanization in the search for food safety? How does climatic change affect the prospects of food safety in china? What policies should be stipulated for the availability and access of...
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