Food Safety

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What is contamination?
Food contamination refers to foods that are spoiled or tainted because they contain microorganisms, such as bacteria or parasites, or toxic substances that make them unfit for consumption.

There are two types of contaminations which are known as :

1: Physical contamination:-
A physical hazard is any object or foreign matter in a food item which may cause illness or injury to a person consuming the product. This foreign object may include like Feathers, hairs, metals, rock, sand, jewelry, cigarette buds, needles, glass or buttons

Sources of physical hazards:
1. Contaminating raw material : The major cause of physical contamination can be in the receiving of the raw ingredients. If the suppliers of the raw ingredients are giving the raw ingredients not fit or in contaminated state it can affect the product directly.

Relating to the scenario: - Analyzing the various contaminations that can occur in the raw materials in the daily operations of Compass Pvt. Ltd may be No set specifications in the receiving of ingredients: If there are no set specifications in receiving the raw ingredients there are chances of physical contaminations like raw food getting contaminate with nails, glass or may be transporting vehicle’s grease.

No checking of ingredients while receiving: Ingredients should be checked while receiving them because if they are not checked properly contaminated food can enter in the kitchen or stores.

Precautions or control measures to be taken:
Regular checking of ingredients: Regular checking of ingredients while receiving them should be done. Record should be maintained of receiving the ingredients so that no misconduct will occur by the employees.

Set specification for ingredients:
Set specifications for specific ingredients so that they are structurally and their texture is fit for the cooking or the kitchen operations. This will help in producing contaminated free product.

2: Design of facilities and equipment:

Contamination can also occur due to the design of the kitchen if the design of the kitchen is not proper contamination can occur. For example If the pot washing area is near to the cooking or working area there will be more physical contamination or

Slope at required place: There should be slope near or in water cannels so that the water flow is appropriate and less chances of getting blockage of water.

Equipment: Due to equipment’s there are chances of food getting contaminated by grease, metal, glass etc
Precaution and control measure required :
Proper Kitchen Design: The design should proper so the water and air flow is good enough. The pot washing area should away from the working area. Cleaning equipment should be stored separately from the food item. Equipment’s like machine used for production should be serviced proper and placed in clean and dry place so that they are contaminated free. Check list should be maintained for the regular servicing of the machines. Proper cleaning of utensils which are used in cooking should be done and there should be a drying rack for them.

3: Faulty production procedures:
The policies or the procedures used in the kitchen by the employees can affect or can contaminate the food product. Procedures also play a very important role because they are planed and designed considering the safety and the hygiene of the food.

Analyzing some of the faulty procedures may occur in Compass Company: -Cleaning / washing of vegetables: Cleaning and washing of vegetables should be done before cooking them. Washing the raw vegetables before cooking them is a standard procedure which should be followed by each and every organization but if it’s not followed then there are chances of food getting physically contaminated. Sand, stone and pines etc can contaminate the food if cleaning is not done.

- Use of...
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