Food Problems

Topics: Agriculture, Food security, Economy Pages: 4 (1469 words) Published: March 17, 2011
1 imports of foodgrains—no solution.
3. Problem not so much natural as human.
4. Inordinate growth of population— the major contributory factor. 5. Low productivity and the factors responsible for it.
6. Administrative inefficiency and organisational weakness.
7. Artificial scarcity and price rise created by the tradesmen. 8. Grow more or produce more is not the only solution.
9. Change in mode of food consumption and other effective measures to Check the menace. 10. Continual shortage of food shall imperil the security and freedom of the country. Essay
Foodproblem in India,South Africa, America etc:
It has been estimated that about one third of the population in India goes without food every day.  More than half the population of India lives in conditions of semi-starvation. This is a very gloomy future but The matter does not rest there. Something is very disquieting about it. We have seen twenty years of freedom. We have passed through sixteen years of planned economy.  It comes as a revelation to think that we still depend for our food mainly on the charity of other Countries.  We have not only failed in tiding over the crisis «f food but with the passage of time it has developed in volume and has almost become the permanent feature of our national economy. The prevalent policy of importing food on a colossal scale till India attains self-sufficiency is wholly misconceived.  Instead of solving this great problem, foreign imports shall lead us to disastrous dependence on foreign countries and ultimate economic bankruptcy.


We are a’ sub-continent, a nation of about 50 millions. We are a country of mighty rivers, a rich variety of agricultural land with inexhaustible cattle wealth. But the problem is not so “‘much natural as human. We depend too much on external aid which cannot replace internal efforts. FOOD PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD:

In   that respect  it is important to note that during the...
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