Food Memoir

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Food Memoir
I’ve always thought food as just a substance to give nutritional support to the body, but there is much more beyond the concrete definition. The meaning of food is defined differently from people to people. Sometimes food is the key to survival, their source of income or just a hobby. But for me, food has help me identify what type of eater I am, reveals my upbringing and has certain roles in my personal life.

During the Christmas holiday, my family and closest relatives always travel to Thunder Valley casino for the all-you-can-eat buffet. Time goes on and people finish their first helping of food and decide to get up and get another helping. While my family is still shoving food in their mouths, I am the only one that is done eating. It caught my attention that I could identify myself as an intuitive eater- I eat to feel satisfied and I am not afraid of overeating, instead I trust myself to eat exactly what I need and have no guilt about eating foods I enjoy. Sure, I have a wide variety of “junk food” such as sour punch straws and sodas filled with high amounts of sugar, but I am able to control what I eat and still be healthy. Although I am considered to be an intuitive eater, I’ve had many occasions that would represent that I am an industrial eater. While I was in high school, my agenda rarely had any openings. I was either at school, doing homework, playing a sport, volunteering, or enjoying my social life. Our family rarely had the time to have a home cooked meal, so our only other option was fast food. I didn’t want my home to become a “filling station” like Wendell Berry said so I made a change in my life. I gave up playing baseball in high school since it took up a majority of my time after school. Since I had more time, I became less of an industrial eater and started to cook at home with my family. Food has also played certain roles in my personal life. When I was 7 years old, I remember going into my houses downstairs closet and...
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