Food Intake

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Dietary Reference Intake Pages: 3 (1098 words) Published: October 16, 2011
Food Intake
Katie Smit
September 25, 2011
Kay Fogeltanz

Food Intake
In the world today, people need to watch their food intake and the amount of exercise that these individuals obtain. Individuals are all shapes and sizes. Even though some people may look bigger does not mean that he or she is unhealthy. You can tell in the world today who is healthy and unhealthy. Some individuals have weight problems due to them having other health issues that are stopping them from being his or her normal weight. Some health issues that may be the cause for individuals that may have weight problems are having Hypothyroidism, diabetes, chronic stress, depression, Hormonal changes in women, and some medications that he or she may have to take (Sorgen, 1996). With this said going into his or her iProfile turned out for this individual. With the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI), this is a set of nutrient-based reference values that have replaced the 1989 Recommended Dietary Allowanced (RNI) in the United States, and Canada. The Dietary Reference Intake references four values: Estimated Average Requirements (EAR), Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA), Adequate Intakes (AL), and Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL) (Embar, 2005). Does this record show a healthy diet to his or her records? He or she thinks he or she did. Why is this he or she thinks that he or she is eating right even though he or she does not get all of the seven food groups. Her calories intake is in the 20-35 percent range. This is a little on the low side, but on days that he or she works her eating habits are small when she does not make food at his or her home. The only thing that he or she is lacking is dairy and fruit. Did he or she consume the recommended intake for vitamins and minerals? No he or she did not meet the vitamin and mineral intake for each food group. Why is this? This is because he or she did not eat all the food groups. He or she also ate some more of some food groups then others...
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