Food in the 1930s

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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The 1930’s Food!
The 1930’s cuisine was very simple and extremely rationed. The people in the 30’s just didn’t have the money to afford for themselves and kids all the time. The food was mostly given to men and children in soup/ bread lines for those who couldn’t afford food. The food was simple and inexpensive; the goal was to produce a lot of food with as little ingredients as possible. I’m sure the bread was bland and the chowders and soups were plain but it’s what the people of this struggling decade needed it to survive.

Men were typically the ones in bread lines and waiting to get their cup of soup. It was very common, the times were so hard and nobody had any money. Women wouldn’t stand and wait for their portions; the proper way of the woman in the 30’s was “classier” than the men. The children would wait in line and would get their portions, it wasn’t much but every home-owner and homeless person out there was thankful that they could be fed and stay alive. The areas hit hardest went according to population. Urban cities had the most poverty, so much more people needed to be fed. Rural farm areas were better off because they could produce and eat their own crops. It was clear to all Americans that they were in the midst of a depression.

The food wasn’t considered a delicacy, those with money to put food on the table would be purchasing lesser grades of meat, chuck instead of sirloin beef. I find it to be sort of odd but people would also buy cheaper cuts of animal such as the heart, brains, and feet. An easy was to cut back on an essential was to buy manufactured Crisco instead of butter. Those who needed food help and couldn’t financially afford like explained above were helped out by private soup kitchens and government programs. These services were in place throughout the country. This was a decade of cutting back; not starvation. In the 1930’s the food wasn’t excellent gourmet cooking but the ingredients and meat they ate got them through...
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