Food in Ancient China

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  • Published : September 18, 2008
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In Ancient China, it was very difficult to grow and get food. Meat was very expensive, and the crops they made required laborious and long hours. And even today in modern China, it is still difficult to get food. With its population hovering around a bulging billion people, it is not easy getting food for all of these people, but when they do get it, they often make filling and some tasty dishes.

When you want to order Chinese food, you probably think of getting some sweet and sour chicken, or Mongolian beef. But probably, the first thing you think about is rice, which was the first grain ever farmed in China. There is evidence that they even began farming rice as early as 5500 BCE. People cooked rice by boiling it in water, the way they do today. Or they made it into wine, which was rather unoriginally called rice wine. Rice wine has been a popular beverage since prehistory. But rice doesn’t grow in northern China, only Southern China. That’s why in northern China, they eat millet.

Northern China is a much colder and drier place to live. The northern people in China would gather wild millet instead. By the year 4500 BCE, people were farming their own millet, which when grown was boiled into a kind of porridge.

China is also associated and is famous for it’s tea. Tea grew abundantly in China, and soon (perhaps 3000 BCE or even sooner) everyone was drinking tea.
Northern China began to eat wheat in about 1500 BCE. Wheat is not native to China and was transported from another country in West Asia, which is why it took so long for it to reach China. Like millet, the people would boil it to make a sort of Cream of Wheat.

These are the main foods of China-rice, millet, and wheat. In both North and South China the people in poverty ate these foods, and probably nothing but these foods, as their only meals.
When people could afford it, mainly the rich, they would buy vegetables to put on their rice to add flavor. Soybeans, which is a native plat to China...
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