Food Hygeine

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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4.3 Describe basic food safety when providing food and drink to children and young people

The Prevention of Food Poisoning
Store food safely
Keep food cold, the fridge should be kept as cold as possible without freezing the food ( 1-5 .c or 34-41.c) Freezers should be kept at -18 or below Cover or wrap food with food wrap of microwave cling film

Never refreeze food
Do not use food that is past the sell-by date
Always read instructions on food packaging when storing food Once a tin is open store in a covered pot
Store raw foods at the bottom of the fridge in case of any dripping onto cooked food Always wash hands in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before handling food Wear clean protective clothing when in the kitchen

Keep food covered at all times
Wash all fruit and vegetables before use
Never cough or sneeze over food
Always cover cuts with a blue plaster
Keep work surfaces and chopping boards clean use different coloured chopping boards for raw meat raw fish fruit and vegetables Make sure that meat is cooked through before serving
Avoid raw eggs as you could get salmonella
When reheating food make sure it is hot all the way through the dish to kill any germs Keeping the Kitchen Safe
Teach the children to wash their hands before eating or preparing food and after they have used the toilet Keep it clean to avoid flies and other insects in the kitchen Stay away from the kitchen if you have sickness or diarrhoea Keep the kitchen clean: Clean work surfaces, the floor, utensils, sink, cloths and rubbish bins Tea towels and wash cloths should be kept clean and washed regularly Keep all rubbish bins covered and empty them regularly

Keep sharp knives and scissors stored safely where the children cannot reach them

Good Food Hygiene
When serving, preparing and clearing away food after meals and snacks you should observe the rules of food hygiene.

1. Wash hands with warm soapy water and dry them thoroughly 2. Wear clean protective...
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