Food Habits

Topics: Korean cuisine, Soju, Korea Pages: 12 (2199 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Factors that Influence Food Habits and Culture

There are different kinds of dishes that we eat from various ethnic groups. Every

culture has their own way of making dishes and style, which makes them unique. There

are religious values that causes some people to not eat certain foods like meat, fried

foods, and others. America has many different kinds of foods from various ethnic groups

that are different from the American way of cooking. The countries in Asia have their

own types of food, the vegetables that they grow, and different ways of growing their

vegetables. Since they have all the seasons, they are able to grow many different kinds

of fruits and vegetables that we aren't able to produce. Different countries have different

kinds of fruits, and vegetables that we may or may not find here in America. There are

only a few places that I have visited and have tried their foods, but my main topic will be

about Korean dishes. American dishes are very simple and it's mostly the taste that

matters rather than the presentation, but for Korean dishes it's the presentation that

matters then the taste. I'm Korean and grew up eating different kinds of Korean foods

made from my parents and compare to the food in America the dishes are very different.

The most common main Korean dishes that I would find in America are the Bulgogi,

Short ribs, kimchee, and bibimbap. But there are more dishes that we have that are a

part of traditional events, the different types of kimchee, and the different parts of Korea

that the dishes are from. There are some influences from other countries that are some

of Koreas famous dishes today.

The first thing that I'll be talking about is the main dish, which is Kimchee. This is

the main dish that is always served at a restaurant, and home. Kimchee was first made

around the 7th century and to this day it has become a popular dish that many people

would know about first when introduced to Korean food. The reason that it was made

was because during the winter season in Korea it would get really cold, since they are

surrounded by water on three sides they had to find a way of securing vegetables and

that's how kimchee and fermentation first started. They would also start preserving

soybeans that are made into a paste called "DeonJang", which is used in a sauce based

and also a soup called "DeonJang Jeekae". Anyways, kimchee is a side dish that is

included in every meal throughout the day. During the 7th century, the red chilli paste

was not added into the kimchee because at that time it wasn't introduce. It was just a

salted vegetable rather than a spicy cabbage. The vegetables that it is made with is

vegetables like cabbage, green onion, cucumber, and radish. It is a spicy dish that is

fermented for a month or so depending on the weather and season. First the vegetables

are soaked in water then the vegetables will be covered with salt and this will help it

from going bad, since it'll be fermented for a while. Then we would have the vegetables

soaked in powdered chilli or chilli paste, minced ginger, and a little bit of sugar. After

mixing it with all the ingredients, it'll be put into a jar and left alone. Instead of just a side

dish of kimchee, we've made a soup called "Kimchee Soup", which is made with

kimchee, water, kimchee juice, and meat. Also, there is another dish called, "Kimchee

fried rice", that we mix kimchee with rice and sesame oil. Both these dishes have

become very popular and are easy to make at home. Kimchee is even being added in

pizza, where in Korea they have kimchee pizza's, kimchee tacos, kimchee burritos, and

many others.

Like every culture, Korea has a lot of traditional dishes that are made during

special events and holidays. During the New years there's a soup called "Ddeok Guk",

which is a...
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