Food for Thoughts

Topics: Life, Prince, Mass Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: September 27, 2011
30 "Food for Thoughts" from Harvard Library

1. Sleep now you will be dreaming, Study now you will be achieving your dream. 2. Today that you wasted is the tomorrow that a dying person wished to live. 3. When you think it's too late for you to start, it is the earliest time you can start. 4. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

5. The pain of study is only for a moment, but the pain of not having studied is forever. 6. In study it's not the lack of time, but lack of effort.
7. Happiness is not proportional to the academic achievement, but success is. 8. Study is not everything in life, but if you are unable to conquer study that's only a part of life, what will you be able to achieve in life? 9. You might as well enjoy the pain that you cannot avoid.

10. To taste success, you shall be earlier and more diligent. 11. Success doesn't come to anyone, but it comes to the self-controlled and the hard-working. 12. The time never stops.
13. Saliva you drooled today will tears falling tomorrow.
14. Study like a dog and play like a premier.
15. If you don't walk today, you have to run tomorrow.
16. A person who invest in tomorrow, is the person who is faithful to today. 17. The academic clique is money itself.
18. Today never returns again tomorrow.
19. At this moment, your enemies books keep flipping
20. No pains No gains.
21. Dream is just in front of you, Why not stretch your arm? 22. If you close your eyes to the present, the eyes for the future close as well. 23. Sleep instead of dozing.
24. Academic achievement is directly proportional to the absolute amount of time invested. 25. Most great achievements happen while others are sleeping. 26. Just before the examination, how desperate would you feel the time you are wasting now? 27. Impossibility is the excuse made by the untried.

28. The payoff of efforts never disappear without redemption. 29. Pursue the top. The maximum endeavor. And to the beginning for the effort of the maximum for a...
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