Food Fair

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Economic Development:
The food industries are considered as one of the most important Arabic & Foreign Industries in the world. Over the years, these industries have developed in various degrees technologically and economically and have over the last 5 decades incorporated many international changes. Their productions have had spread throughout the Arab world and internationally. The products of these industries have grown as well as the raw materials used in the production process, leading to a diverse development in the food industries.

The Basic Workings of a Food Fair:
Before we can begin planning a fair, we must envision a general idea about the event so that our planning can be organized, efficient, and effective. Because such a wide variety of activities can be part of a fair and because a fair can emphasize any number of topics related to anything, it's important to think about the kind of fair you want to hold before you jump in and begin sending out media alerts. Her we decided to do a food fair on the fair grounds near the Damascus airport high way which will take place in the following: Days from 06/06/2008 → 09/06/2008

From 5 o’clock until 11 o’clock
Determining the features of a food fair:
Once our organization decides to hold a food fair, you should begin planning by determining the kind of event you want to hold. The central considerations are the following: •Location
Time of year

A food fair can be held indoors or outdoors, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Outdoors, the enjoyment of attendees is affected by the weather, be it precipitation or temperature. The event itself may also be affected, so we will need a convenient rain site if we decide to hold our event outside. Furthermore, our organization's displays as well as the displays of vendors, booths, or demonstrations will need to be securely anchored in case of wind and protected from rain if the event is rain or shine. Holding the fair indoors virtually frees us from weather concerns (barring bad weather that would prevent people from attending the event), but attendance may be limited by the size of the building and the availability of parking or other access at the event. Access to indoor facilities may also require the payment of fees, whereas parks and other public areas are often available for free if we give advance notice. An indoor venue may provide ready access to electricity, water, and restrooms, which may not be as convenient in some outdoor locations (but which we may need to provide for an event that focuses on food). An outdoor event may more readily attract the attention of passers-by and may draw curious people who just happen to see the banners or an assembly of people. In many cases, the location of the event may be dictated by the purpose and activities of the fair

Time of year:
A food fair can be held during any season of the year, but spring, summer, and fall offer the best opportunities for a good turnout. Spring is often a good choice because the event could coincide with the Earth Day (April 20). Summer is a good choice as well because of warm weather and because many fruits and vegetables are in season. People often have more free time during the summer, too, because of the long days. Autumn often offers the best weather, and the focus on the harvest also creates a nice context for festivals that focus on food.

food fairs can be held for any amount of time ranging from an afternoon to a weekend to a three-day or a week-long event. When determining the length of time and day(s) of the week we hold our food fair, bearing in mind the following: Availability of volunteers and other resources A fair held on a weekday or that extends beyond the weekend may create conflicts with the work schedules of many willing volunteers. Similarly, our organization may have limited resources (including brochures, handouts, merchandise, and money),...
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