Food Distribution

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Jack Petty
AGRI 1107
Mrs. Sharon Frey
Problems With Food Distribution
There are many problems with food distribution. From market facilities, management, retailing, and then of course all the way to the distribution of the product. These are problems that not so much apply to the United States but in many other places around the world where the people are not as fortunate and blessed as we are. These problems need to be overcome so that people that are struggling to provide the right amount of nutrients and healthy food to sustain themselves and/or family can do so and not have to deal with the large super markets, so they can afford the products, and also to help stimulate the economy. There are many solutions to these problems and I will be explaining a few of them.

There are thousands and thousands of people in the world that struggle with "Food security, defined as, a measure of ensured access to essential nutrition" (Wiki). Food security all has to do with food distribution and how so many places in the world do not have the right means of getting the food that is needed to the people. The lower class can not always afford to or might not even have access to large super markets to go and get the products they need. There are some options to fix this problem though, such as educating people on how to grow and harvest their own crops and how to market their product to other people. If we could get more people educated in this field then we could help so many other people with this problem of distributing food to the people that need it the most. "The most serious problem in food distribution is productivity" (James). Again, If we can get people to be more productive in the food industry then more and more people will benefit from their productivity. The last and final problem that I will discuss has to do with retail of food products which is a huge part of the over all problem of distribution. "Lack of space or new market...
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