Food Deserts

Topics: Grocery store, Nutrition, Organic food Pages: 6 (2340 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Tanjin Minar CWP 102 4/14/13 Brad RomansFood DesertsThere is growing trend of cities across the United States that do not have access to food such as places in Buffalo, Baltimore, or Detroit. According to the USDA, a food desert is to qualify as a “low-access community,” at least 500 people and/or at least 33 percent of the census tract's population must reside more than one mile from a supermarket or large grocery store (for rural census tracts, the distance is more than 10 miles). You can even look up a food desert locater on the USDA website and it will provide you areas where it is hard to buy broccoli or carrots in red marked areas. Going to the supermarket is a 30-minute bus ride if you live in the east side and many people do not have the money either to buy expensive organic produce as well. Thus, living in a stratified society today, people who live in food desserts region are prone to have an adverse effect on their health because of the proximity of food co-op, farmers market or organic supermarkets.Food deserts are places or regions in the United States that people do not have access to healthy food, which then contributes to obesity and adverse health conditions. There is a direct link in how food deserts have adverse affects on health. For example, cities like Buffalo, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington D.C or even New York City have African Americans with a ratio of obesity related illnesses because of the lack of healthy foods near them. Many parts of Buffalo do not have resources to healthy food such as parts in the East Side in Bailey Ave. opposed to Williamsville in Buffalo. Wegmans is known as Buffalos supermarket that has various types of food, which is organic and healthy. Many stores in Buffalo such as Tops or Shop Rite despite the fact they are cheaper in food but the quality is not too bad.In America, there have been several studies done on food desserts but many people do not know the implications behind this. Many communities do not have access to organic food whether it is not within a 5-minute distance or it is too expensive. The supermarkets are miles away and the only food available to purchase are processed food from the convenient stores located nearby or walking distance. These food desserts not only affect many adults but also children who are mal-nourished or do not have the proper vitamins.The growing risks of being overweight are having diabetes, stroke or heart problems opposed to someone who is more muscle mass. America is one of the other few countries in the world to have people to have shorter mortality rates. Obesity is one of the most preventable deaths in the United States as well. Many children in America are also overweight and are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables. The price of being overweight will cost you a trip to the doctors, more money on gas and cost you a fortune to lose weight by the gym. So if you live in an area, where there are organic supermarkets, farmers markets or food co-op, you are more likely to stick to your nutritious diet and be more motivated to keep a healthier lifestyle.People who reside in these areas contact to food that is abundant with sugary processed food that are more affordable than fresh vegetables and organic products. There is a growing notion of how food desserts are one of the few main reasons to obesity. The first Lady is also seeking ways to combat this problem and the author supports the Hunger Free Act that the Obama Administration has proposed. Many people who shop for food near food desserts are likely to buy less produce because of the price because of the rising cost of vegetables. However, there is a notion of rising mandate for organic and healthier stores with their own communities. Children who reside in areas of low-income areas are prone to be overweight because many places that they live near do not have...
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